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From humble beginnings in 1965 the company started trading in physical gold and silver, growing to be one of the largest wholesale suppliers and traders in bullion and precious metals in the entire region.
Over the years Eastern Trading Company has traded in millions of ounces of gold and silver including physical valued at several billion dollars and on spot and futures markets, together with substantial dealings in foreign exchange.

In addition ETC has successfully participated in GSA gold auctions and IMF gold sales in the mid-1970s valued at more than US$ 1.2 billion.

The company has built strong relationships with leading global investment and commercial banks, bullion banks, precious metals dealers, Futures Commission Merchants and securities houses, by conducting business with the highest ethical and moral values in all transactions.

Eastern Trading Company LLC has had relationships with many leading global institutions, amongst others:



The following testimonials reflect the reputation and good standing of Eastern Trading Company and its principles, the Ashraf family, in the business community, both internationally and locally in Dubai.

Johnson Matthey have dealt with Eastern Trade Company for more than 30 years. During this time they have been one of the largest traders of physical gold and silver bullion and our business with them has been very substantial throughout.We have the utmost respect for this organization and its owners the Ashraf family. In our experience, they have conducted themselves with complete integrity and professionalism. They have always met their commitments fully and promptly.

Johnson Matthey

For both our gold and silver surveys, Dubai has always been the key to understanding not only the many markets of the Middle East but above all India, now the world’s largest consumers of gold. Our staff have regarded the annual meeting and intervening contacts with Mr Ashraf as the starting point for the analysis of the above markets. The information which they provided has always been characterized by openness, comprehensiveness and accuracy. In addition, from our extensive network of contacts, throughout the gold and silver markets, there is no doubt that the Ashrafs and Eastern Trading are held by the very highest regard by everyone in the market.

Gold Fields Mineral Services
Part of Consolidated Gold Fields

We have known Eastern Trading Company since 1974. Our senior executives have met the partners on numerous occasions and have found them to be entirely professional in their dealing. We have experienced a completely satisfactory relationship with them and have no occasion to doubt their business intentions or integrity. Commitments have always been met properly and promptly”


Eastern Trading Company has been banking with us for over 30 years and is respected in the gold and bullion community. There business intentions and integrity have been trusted by all at all times.

Mashreq Bank

We have known Eastern Trading Company and the Ashraf family for 20 years…..we consider them to be of good standing and entirely reputable and this has been the case for many years and continues to be so.

Habib Bank AG Zurich